Political Science and Public Administration

pol science and pub admin

In 1975 ,the Political Science Unit was housed by then all embracing Department of Social Science which comprised the four units of Political Science,Economics and Business Studies , Geography and Sociology. However, with the subsequent increase in its staff strength, the Department of Political Science and Public Administration was establishment in 1977 as one of the academic departments in the then Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Currently , the Department of Political Science and Public Administration is one of the oldest and well established academic Department in the Faculty of Social Science.

Aims and Objectives

The Department of Political Science and Public Administration offers a programme of course leading to an honors bachelor’s degree( B. Sc) in Political Science and Public Administration. The programme is designed to fulfill the following three objectives:

To prepare students for the acquisition of sound knowledge on the proper focus , scope and content of Political Sciences as a discipline.
To offer instructions , training and social consciousness in courses that are relevant to the development needs and problems of Nigeria, Africa and other Developing Countries.
To prepare the students for Administrative , Managerial and Policy Making positions in the Public Service , Industry and Commerce National and International Organizations, Academic and Foreign Services


B.Sc.Public Administration
B.Sc. Local Government- Part time
B.Sc Public Administration – Part time