Geography and Regional Planning


In July 1979,the Department of Social Sciences comprising Geography, Political Sciences. This was later restructured into two Faculties. Faculties of Arts and Faculty of Social Sciences. The Department of Geography and Regional Planning is one of the six academic Departments in the Faculty of Social Sciences. The other Department s are Political Sciences and Public Administration and Sociology and Anthropology. The basic aim of the Department is to provide vigorous training in both Empirical and Theoretical Issues involved in Understanding, Analyzing and interpreting spatial pattern of Human Natural Processes operating on the earth’s surface . The impacts which these processes generate on both the Human Natural Environments , the understanding which is fundamental to National and International Development , constitute major part of our research focus.

Aims and Objectives

The undergraduate courses of the Department are structured to lay a thorough foundation in all the major branches of Geography and Regional Planning . Students are trained also in the applied aspects of the subject to equip them for the wide range of professions which are open to Geographers and Regional Planners in Nigeria . Training is also given to them into methods of research , which will equip them for further specialization at the postgraduate level.