Economics and Statistics


With pleasure, I welcome you to the Department of Economics. The Department offers sound educational preparation in Economics to all students enrolled. The aim is to give them a firm foundation to effectively function in the ever evolving society as Economists, Bankers, Administrators, Policy Makers/Analysts, Management Executives and Allied Professionals. The Department, thus, offers academic programmes leading to the award of B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph. D. degrees in Economics, Health Economics and PGD. in Health and Reproductive Economics.

The Department is currently one of the few universities in Africa running the Collaborative Ph.D. degree programme in Economics with the African Economic Research Consortium; AERC. The Department also has a vibrant branch of the Nigerian Economics Student’s Association; NESA.

The Academic Staff of the Department are highly qualified and reflect a variety of background and specialization. Members of the Academic staff of the Department are committed to teaching and research. They are also committed to producing world-class graduates and achieving the objectives of the Department.

Research interests of the Academic Staff cover diverse areas of Economics including; balance of payments problems, poverty, public sector management/reform, commercial banking, disequilibrium economics and macro-economic simulation. Others are debt management, investment and pricing of petroleum products and so on. The support staff are committed and dedicated.

Thank you and welcome.